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Just because your bike is dirty, it doesn't mean that the inside of your car or van has to be dirty too does it?

I'm a recent convert to mountain biking and I love it! Generally speaking, if I've got the time, I'll be out on my bike. I'm very lucky to live near the New Forest National Park and the beautiful countryside that surrounds it.


So I throw (not literally) the bike in the back of the van and head out to get down and dirty in the great outdoors... what could be better?

All well and good until the time comes to head on home. One dirty bike and one clean van - not a good combination. Even with a couple of old sheets or a cheap tarpaulin, the inside of the van takes longer to clean than the bike!

No problem, I'll go online and buy something to put my bike in first before I stick it back in the van... not as easy as you'd think.

Consequently I decided to make something of my own. I borrowed a sewing machine and bought a few yards of fabric. Two hours later and after several broken needles and a fair bit of cursing, I had made myself a bag. It fits nicely over the wheels with a drawstring top to keep all that nasty dirt inside. Dirt-Bag™ is born!

It turns out that quite a few of my cycling chums think it's a good idea too. Am I making any more? As it turns out, I am...  Well, I'm not physically making them myself but instead, I am using the finest local talent I can find to bring the Dirt-Bag™ to you.

The bag is manufactured here in the UK and is made from a PU coated nylon which makes it pretty much waterproof but also flexible enough to fold up good and small. It has a multi-filament polypropylene cord drawstring with plastic toggles.

In short, Dirt-Bag™ keeps the dirt in the bag until you get home. Once you're home take the bike out, let the bag dry and then you can shake or brush the dirt off and pack it away until next time. It also stops your bike frame getting scratched or your pedals getting caught in the spokes when you carry more than one bike in your vehicle. Sounds like a win-win to me.

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